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Mariela Gomez



My name is Mariela.
I am Dominican and grew up in the best place on earth, Brooklyn, NY.

My goal is to go fill up my passport with many different stamps and cross many borders. I have been to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Canada, Germany, Uganda, and Kenya.

One of my wishes is to go on a road trip around the USA. And hopefully take a picture at every states border.

My favorite color is cotton candy; baby blue and pink. Which is really weird that I love pink when I'm in my twenties because when I was younger I absolutely hated it and I went blue all the way.

I am a student at Clarkson University majoring in Civil Engineering and Engineering Management. I've decided that when I go to grad school I am going to go for something completely different.

Anyways... I am on facebook and would love to further talk with you! (I do not regularly sign in so sorry if it takes a while.)


Traveling around the world. Scrapbooking!!!!!


Clarkson University
Civil Engineering
Attending since 2007