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Cindy Henry


When I first decided to join a sorority, I just wanted the lettered shirts. I thought I was too different from the other girls to actually "fit in". I also thought that the girls that kept speaking about sisterhood were full of poop.... I knew I couldn't say this or I'd never get my letters, so I put on my best smile and I received a bid.

After 6 weeks of pledging... I grew a deep understanding of what Theta Phi Alpha meant and what the organization really stood for... surprisingly the values matched my values. After the 6 weeks, I also began to make some bonds with a few sisters in the house.

What really brought me close to Theta Phi was the support system. During my remainder years in college (and after) there were times that I hit an ultimate low and when I needed a shoulder to cry on..... sisters were willing to drive 5+ hours to be there..... that commitment meant more than anything to me. It's also what got me more involved in my house.

So to wrap things up, I might have joined Theta Phi for the letters but what I really got was much more.... leadership experience, communication skills, AND sisters for life.


Clarkson University
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Attended from 2007 to 2012